Loyalty program

Loyalty cards

How to obtain a loyalty card

1. General terms and conditions of Atelier Rebul Loyalty program is the legal basis for operating with Atelier Rebul Loyalty Card (hereinafter referred to as the Card). By signing the application form for obtaining a card, the customer confirms his knowledge of the terms of the Loyalty program and undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Loyalty program, which are listed below. The general terms and conditions of the Loyalty program are published on the website www.atelierrebul.si and are available in Atelier Rebul stores in Slovenia.

2. The card can be obtained by any natural person who has reached the age of sixteen (16). People under the age of sixteen (16) must present the signature of their parents or legal guardians upon enrollment.

3. The loyalty card is free of charge and is valid until written cancellation by the cardholder or issuer in the manner specified in point 10.

4. The loyalty card can be obtained via the card application form (hereinafter the application form), which is available in Atelier Rebul stores in Slovenia.

Benefits of the loyalty program

5. The card allows the cardholder to participate or get involved in various benefits, which are written on the website www.atelierrebul.si or published in marketing materials of Atelier Rebul, social networks (Facebook and Instagram), public media or in written messages received by the cardholder to a home address, email address or mobile phone. Upon presentation of the card at the time of purchase, loyalty card holders are entitled to more favorable prices in accordance with the communicated campaign, whereby they are granted a credit bonus on the card, an immediate discount or some other benefit in terms of free product, etc.

6. The bonus is obtained by purchasing products in Atelier Rebul physical stores and the online store https://atelierrebul.si, except for the purchase of Atelier Rebul gift (value) vouchers.

7. The cardholder can use the benefits either in physical stores of Atelier Rebul in Slovenia or online store https://atelierrebul.si..

8. The cardholder may receive customized benefits on the basis of information in accordance with point 32. The offers or benefits received by individual cardholders may be different over the same period.

Loyalty card

9. The issuer and owner of the loyalty cards is the company HN Consulting d. o. o., Letališka cesta 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter HN Consulting d. o. o.).

10. The loyalty card is received by every natural person who correctly fills in the application form and submits it for processing at the Atelier Rebul store.

11. After submitting the completed application form, the customer receives a loyalty card.

12. The card is activated by issuing the card at the checkout. The cardholder may present the loyalty card when purchasing goods or services at all points of sale, in quantities suitable for household consumption. Upon the first activation of the card, the cardholder is credited with 3 EUR of credit as a welcome gift.

13. The card also enables the use of other benefits that are currently active in a certain period on the website www.atelierrebul.si or on the social networks Atelier Rebul Slovenia.

Bonus (credit) on the card

14. The loyalty card allows the holder to collect and use credit by presenting the card at the time of purchase (bonus below).

15. Bonus values are loaded onto the loyalty card in the form of a discount and are automatically added to or deducted from the card when earned or redeemed.  

16. To obtain or use benefits or bonus, it is mandatory to present a loyalty card. It is not possible to obtain a bonus on the card later.

17. Card issuer HN Consulting d. o. o. is not obliged to verify the identity of the cardholder upon presentation of the Loyalty card at the time of purchase..

18. With the collected bonus, the cardholder can reduce the final value of the payment for any product or service.

19. The obtained bonus can be used from the next day after the purchase.

20. The cardholder can use the bonus acquired in the current calendar year no later than (including) 31 January of the following year during the working hours of each Atelier Rebul store. After this date, all unused bonuses will be deleted from the card. Subsequent use or extension of the period for the use of bonuses is not possible.

21. In case that the amount of the purchase is equal to or less than the total value of the bonus on the loyalty card, the cardholder can claim a bonus of 100 percent of the amount of the purchase. In case that the final value of the bonus is higher than the value of the purchase, the difference will not be paid in cash. The bonus difference remains on the card.

22. Cash withdrawal of bonuses collected on the card is not possible. The bonus can be partially or fully used. Collected bonuses from one loyalty card can be claimed for an individual purchase. The bonuses of the different cards do not add up.

23. Cardholder who wants to return the products for which he received a bonus on the card is refunded the full purchase price. However, the value of the bonus received by the holder is deducted from the balance on the card if the balance on the card allows it. In the event that the cardholder has already used the bonus, the amount of the refund will be reduced by the amount of the bonus received by the cardholder when purchasing the item he is returning.

24. The status and validity of the bonus on the card is visible on each account. The bonus is calculated on an individual product account and is rounded to two (2) decimal places. The collected bonuses are the responsibility of the cardholder and the company HN Consulting d. o. o. is not responsible for them.

25. In case of theft, loss, damage or other valid reason, when the cardholder applies for a new card, the bonus from the old card cannot be used until the bonus is transferred from the old card to the new one. The transfer shall be made within twenty (20) days, as shown in point 38.

26. In case of suspicion of abuse in obtaining and / or using the bonus or suspicion of misuse of the card, HN Consulting d. o. o. reserves the right to revoke it.

Credit rating system

27. The rating scale consists of four rating classes determined by the sum of purchases made with the loyalty card in Atelier Rebulv stores over a period of 6 months. Collection of purchases is possible only upon presentation of the card at the time of purchase. The customer who does not present the card at the time of purchase is not credited with the purchase and the bonus is not charged. The scale starts at € 0.00.

28. The rating is made on the basis of the sum of purchases with the loyalty card in the past 6 months.

29. Atelier Rebul loyalty card ratings and associated bonuses:

Rating class (sum of the value of purchases in the past 6 months)
Bonus (percentage of the value of the purchase charged to the card (in €))
0,00 - 149,99 € 2,5%
150,00 - 249,99 € 5%
250,00 - 349,99 € 7,5%
350,00 and more 10%

30. Adding purchases and grading them is activated with the first purchase after obtaining and activating the card. The value of the current purchase is taken into account on the next calendar day for grading.

Personal data

31. HN Consulting d. o. o., Letališka cesta 33, 1000 Ljubljana, undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection. Personal data is processed exclusively for predetermined purposes and only in cases where the individual agrees to certain processing. Acquired personal data, unless expressly provided otherwise in these rules, will not be passed on to third parties.

32. Purpose of processing personal data:

a) Keeping records of loyalty card holders
Personal data (first name, last name, home address, telephone number and email address) are processed for the purpose of carrying out the activities necessary for the provision of the benefits offered by the Atelier Rebul loyalty card: identification of the individual cardholder, aggregation of purchases for the purpose of assigning a bonus class and bonus redemption, resolution of any complaints, the possibility of subsequent crediting of bonuses, for the purpose of informing cardholders annually of the status of bonuses and their imminent expiry, and for the purpose of other information related to the business and operation of the loyalty card. The loyalty card cannot be obtained without consent to this processing. The data obtained for this purpose will be kept for the duration of the processing and for a maximum of 5 years after the withdrawal of consent to the processing of data for this purpose.

b) Direct marketing
Personal data (first name, last name, gender, address, telephone number and email address) are used for direct marketing purposes: advertising, segmentation and profiling for the purpose of personalised advertising, surveys and remarketing (targeted advertising) via web browsers and social networks. The data obtained for this purpose are stored for the duration of the processing and for a maximum period of 3 months after the withdrawal of consent to the processing of data for this purpose.

33. The user may at any time request access to the data held about him/her by HN Consulting d.o.o. He/she may also at any time request the rectification, restriction or prevention of use for a specific purpose of processing, deletion or transfer of the data, and lodge an objection with HN Consulting d.o.o. The manner in which the personal data may be amended, accessed or deleted is set out in these general terms and conditions of Loyalty program.

34. HN Consulting d.o.o. takes measures to ensure the security and prevent the misuse of personal data and undertakes to process, store and protect the personal data itself or through a contractual data processor in accordance with the applicable legislation and not to disclose it to third parties. By signing the registration form, the user guarantees that the information provided is true and accurate and authorises HN Consulting d.o.o., as the issuer of the card, to verify the data on the card and to electronically process the data for the purposes of the processing for which he/she has confirmed.

Changes in personal data

35. The individual has the right to unsubscribe from each individual purpose of processing defined above, separately. In the event that an individual withdraws consent to the processing for the purpose of running a loyalty program, he / she also cancels the use of the Atelier Rebul loyalty card.

If an individual wishes to cancel the use of data for the purpose of running a loyalty program or direct marketing, he or she may do so by sending a cancellation email to info@atelierrebul.si. If the individual withdraws consent to processing for the purpose of running a loyalty program, he or she also withdraws the use of the Atelier Rebul loyalty card.


36. HN Consulting d.o.o. will inform cardholders of news, benefits and other information via the contact details provided on the application form.

Withdrawal from the loyalty program

37. Loyalty card holders can cancel their use by sending a request to info@atelierrebul.si. HN Consulting d.o.o. shall deactivate the card within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the cancellation. Any unused bonuses on the card are irrevocably cancelled at the moment of deactivation. Upon deactivation of the card, all benefits shall cease.

Lost, stolen or blocked card

38. In the event of loss of the card, the card may be blocked by sending a request to info@atelierrebul.si (blocking within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the message). In the event of loss, destruction or damage to the card, the cardholder may request a new card. The new card will be activated when it is issued. Benefits already accrued on the old card, which have been acquired by the cardholder and which have not yet been used by any person at the time of blocking/deactivation, shall be automatically transferred to the new card within twenty (20) days of the activation of the new card.

In the event that the loyalty card is in any way stolen from the cardholder, HN Consulting d.o.o. shall not be held liable for the use and possible misuse of the card, i.e. the use of bonuses and benefits by third parties.

Legal protection

39. In the event of technical problems that hinder the smooth operation of the computer system, HN Consulting d. o. o. does not guarantee cardholders the use and acquisition of bonuses and other benefits of the loyalty card program for the duration of the system disruption.

HN Consulting d. o. o. reserves the right to amend and modify these general terms and conditions. All amendments will be publicly announced on the website www.atelierrebul.si. If the cardholder continues to use the card after the published amendments, he/she shall be deemed to have been informed of and to have accepted the amendments.

HN Consulting d.o.o. reserves the right to terminate the loyalty card and all related benefits. The latter shall be notified to the members by means of an announcement on the website www.atelierrebul.si and/or by e-mail. Any disputes between cardholders and the card issuer shall be settled by the competent court in Ljubljana.


40. For any questions, change requests or data access, users can contact us at info@atelierrebul.si. 

Final provisions

41. General terms and conditions are valid from 1 August 2020 until revoked. 

42. HN Consulting d. o. o. is registered in the Court Register of the District Court of Ljubljana under the number 2018/44430, Registration No.: 8314969000, Tax No.: 49645285, Share capital: 42.500,00 €.

HN CONSULTING d.o.o. is the only authorised supplier and distributor of the Atelier Rebul brand for Slovenia. Only for products purchased at points of sale that we supply ourselves, we can guarantee originality, quality, proper handling during transport and storage, safety and freshness of formulas. Authorised points of sale of the Atelier Rebul brand in Slovenia are Atelier Rebul's own stores, the online store www.atelierrebul.si and department store Nama. We do not guarantee the originality and quality of the products for all other physical or online points of sale.